Fevik, the pearl of Norway

Sunrise seen from Brudebakken, Trolldalen at Fevik in Grimstad

It's hard not to be a patriot when talking about his childhood. It may be the most natural for most people. However, it is now once that Fevik has a number of sights which through generations have the basis of tourism, which after the shipbuilding fell aside became an important industry. Especially with campsites and guesthouses from the 20th to 30th centuries and up to recent times, where southern centers and the world opened and became accessible to most people. Today, it is only Bagatell Camping and Strand Hotel Fevik, which is back from the past.

In this place I have grown up, but have been relocated, back again so to move away again and will be enough to stay away. I was born in the early sixties, and have brought with me the big upheavals that have been in society in general, but also on Fevik in particular. On this page I want to link some memories and thoughts about my images, which may be recognizable to others, just a trivial story.

I chose to use the picture "Sunrise on Brudebakken" as an opening picture, especially because Brudebakken, which is a small mountain top just about where I was born and lived in much of my life, also has the view of Store Torungen. The headlight at the entrance to Arendal, and it was up here while I was i child, that made me so fascinated by the lighthouses.

Valøy Tower

This tower is one of those landmarks that define us that comes from Fevik.  When I was a kid in the sixties we went out here at Valøyene during the summer.  It was our summer vacation living out here in a tent, whit the whole family, neigbours and friends. There are some small beaches with swallow waters where we could looking for crabs and fish.  Great memories from my childhood.

Moon above Store Torungen seen from Lille Trollefjell at Fevik, Grimstad

Moon above Store Torungen

In this way, the Store Torungen has become a favorite motive for me, especially because being and wind, sun and moon rises give different lights and colors, which is what we amateur photographers love to play with. Here the moon is well above the horizon and the goal was to get a picture where the moon hangs vertically over the lighthouse, which I do not quite succeed with here, but that's how it is. However, it is still a moodful picture. This picture is taken from Trollefjell, which I actually learned quite late in my life and photo career to get to know and start using for recreation and photography.

Store Torungen lighthouse seen during blue hour from Ruager at Fevik
Blue hour

Living so close to the sea gives you many opportunities to take beautiful sunrise images, which it will naturally be part of on this page. However, this picture was taken just before Lunar Eclipse in spring 2014. Thus, just before the moon rises on that day in spring, the moon is closest to the globe. We who like to call landscape photographers learn that the week before full moon, the hour before and after the sunrise and the hour before and after full moon rises, have very beautiful colors and color shades. The blue houe is this often called.

Blurred water over the swallows at Ruager, Fevik, Grimstad


Ruager is the stretch from Hasseltangen to Haugenebba outside Storesand, the famous beach at Fevik. Out here there is a long stretch of swallows, here are rocky beaches, views and shores in the sea. A perfect area to pull out in the morning before sunrise, along with dog and camera. Here I have walked a lot, for all seasons. Here it is good to settle down in the summer, just wearing Adam's costume, or in winter, well dressed to know the powers of nature. The picture Winter morning in Ruager is taken with 8 second exposure to get the waves' veil over the swab.

Nice pre-sunrise view seen at Trollefjell, Fevik, Grimstad
Morning at Trollefjell

High above Ruager and the Storesanddfjord rays Trollefjell, which I first discovered in adulthood. It became a widely used goal for daily trips like training after a longer period of illness, but first and foremost a great trip with dog and camera. Up here is a 180 degree view of the horizon, from Tromøy in the East to Homoborsund in the west. In the picture Autumn morning on Trollefjell, we see Rødøyna with Rødsund and the Storesand Fjord.

I have many thousands of pictures from Fevik and surroundings. Everyone does not fit on a page like this, but as time allows, I will create my own pages for Hasseltangen, TysĂĽsen and Trollefjell.