Kristiansand, a colorful town!

Varodd Bridge

Playing with lights is fun, especially when getting results like the picture from Varodd bridges in Kristiansand. The challenges this evening in southern Norway are that there is not much traffic, so it's hard to get the lights of the cars crossing the bridge. It is the balance of the amount of lights and darkness, which gives opportunities to play with the light in this way. Here we are in the blue time, that is, the hour after the sun goes down and I use the Variable NDX ND2.5 ND1000 filter in the darkest setting. It's like putting dark sunglasses on the lens.

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As mentioned, long exposure can also be used when lighting conditions are slightly better than in the dark.

Long light over Varodd Bridge, after sunset

EXIF: Date 3 March 2013, Time 19:38:44, Shutter 30 sec, Aperture f / 16, Focal Length 24 mm,
ISO 100, Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Lens EF24-70mm F / 2.8L

Sunrise reflection

Sometimes words can't express the beauty, it just have to be seen. Even a picture get pure compare with the feeling of being out here at Tangen Ytters this morning.  Luckily i brought my camera.
Pre-sunrise that make the clouds all colors of yellow and red, reflected in the ocean at Tangen Ytterst, Kristiansand

EXIF: December 2. 2017, Time 09:28:35, Shutter speed 1/800 sec at F/5.0, Focal lenght 59mm, ISO 400
Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Lens Canon EF24-70mm f/2.8L

Sunrise in Guest Harbour

One of those things a apreciate by living downtown and more or less at the beach, is the oportunity to just walk out for the house and there we are, having stunning moments like this sunrise.

And this time, Aso, our dog would be in the picture. He is a six year old Bichon Frisé. In the background lies the Subsea7 ship Seven Atlantic.

Kristiansand Gueast Harbor, sunrise, bishon frise, Strandpromenaden, Beachwalk, Bystranda, South of Norway

Otterdalsparken pre-sunrise

In the morning of February 18, I had no plans to go out for photography. That's why I made a nice cup of coffee and sat at the PC to check news and read mail. But, no more than I got down, I saw a very red color that was reflected through the window and on the screen. I turn and look out of the window such a red sky I have never seen before. I got up and in full speed, I found a camera, tripod and got dressed. Bring me a bitch and out in the Otterdals Park, or the Nupen Park as it is called on the people. Here I get some of the most beautiful pictures I have taken;

Otterdals Park, Nupen Park, Strandpromenaden, Bystranda, Kristiansand, South of Norway

EXIF: February 18, 2017, Time 8:14, Shutter 1.6 sec, Aperture f / 22, Focal Length 15mm, ISO320,
Camera Canon EOS 7D, Lens Canon EF-S15-85mm F / 3.5

Nupen Sculpture

Water is fun for children of all ages, and when it flows and sills 24 hours a day in the park outside the apartment, it's difficult to walk by without playing.

Sculpture of Nupen, in the Otterdalspark, Kristiansand, Bystranda, Strandpromenaden

EXIF: September 17, 2017, Time 6:05, Shutter 30 sec, Blender f / 13, Focal Length 55mm, ISO125,
Camera Canon 5D MIII, Lens Canon EF24-70mm f / 2.8L


Med våren kommer blomster i skog og i parker, her fra Otterdalsparken, kanskje best kjent som Nupenparken, slik den kalles på folkemunne.

EXIF: May 7, 2017, Time 7:49, Shutter 1/3200 sec, Aperture f / 4.0, Focal Length 70mm, ISO320,
Camera Canon EOS 7D, Lens Canon EF70-300mm F / 4-5

Bed & Breakfast at the beach

We have a small collon of swans living with us all year long. Here they are depicted early in the morning, where they still rest and prepare themselves for brealfast and the day's activities in the swan world.

Svane, Bystranda, Kristiansand, South of Norway

EXIF: April 23, 2017, Time 8:20, Shutter 1/5000 sec, Aperture f / 5,6, Focal Length 300mm,
ISO250, Camera Canon EOS 7D, Lens Canon EF70-300mm F / 4-5

Urban wildlife

A hike with my dog around Odder√łya is a great afternoon trip that gives both a lot of peace in mind and exercise. But, some days, maybe especially on weekends, it's great to be able to bring the camera on the morning tour. And then often finds that even though we live in the middle of the city, we are still in the middle of nature. Here is a picture of a deer, close to the Green Center on Odder√łya.

Deer at Odder√łya, Kristiansand, wildlife, downtown, nature

EXIF: May 7, 2017, Time 7:03, Shutter 1/5000 sec, Apeture f / 5.0, Focal Length 220mm, ISO320,
Camera Canon EOS 7D, Canon Canon EF70-300mm f / 4-5


Together with the opportunity for exercise and nature experience, a trip around Odder√łya is an opportunity to find peace and quiet, both in mind and in soul. In a busy day, in a vibrant city, the outdoor areas surrounding Kristiansand are used for recreation and rest. Therefore, have I called the next picture taken on Odder√łya; Peace.

Peace at Odder√łya, Kristiansand, Fortress, hiking, nature, experience, rest, exercise

EXIF: May 7, 2017, Time 7:16, Shutter 1/1600 sec, Apetrure / 7.1, Focal Length 105mm, ISO160,
Camera Canon EOS 7D, Lens Canon EF70-300mm f / 4-5


Normally i do not pay that much attention to the crows, however i could not resist when I heard much sound and a lot of movement when hundreds of crows ease from Odder√łya and fly into the city. This picture is taken at Gravane.

Crows flying in the clouds, make a lot of sound, Gravane, Kristiansand

EXIF: March 7, 2017, Time 18:59, 1/640 sec shutter, Aparture f / 5.0, focal length 130mm, ISO250,
Camera Canon EOS 7D, lens Canon EF70-300mm f / 4-5

Annual meeting Crow Union

It's not often I see such a large gathering of crows, but from this picture it can be a little impression that there must have been a form of union meeting among the crowds of the district.

Why do they all gather in one and the same tree? Perhaps the crows are also so social and like to hold together, to talk, talk and maybe flirt?

Annual meeting in the local crow union, Tresse, Kristiansand

EXIF: March 7, 2017, Time 19:02, Shutter 1/640 sec, Aperturef / 5.0, Focal Length 135mm, ISO250,
Camera Canon EOS 7D, Canon Canon EF70-300mm f / 4-5.


Occasionally, I'm just lucky with time and place. This picture is taken in the morning with dog, a bit like that at random. Here I am at Tangen Ytterst and to the right of the picture we see Odder√łya

The ocean mirrows the colorful clouds before sunrise, Tangen Yttersr, Byfjorden, Kristiansand

EXIF: 17th September, Time 6:53, Shutter 0.5 sec, Aperture F / 11, Focal Length 70mm, ISO125,
Camera Canon 5D MIII, Lens Canon EF24-70mm f / 2.8L

Sunrise in Tresse

Just a few meters from my home i can get out in the morning with my dog, tripod and the camera and freeze the moment of a perfect morning.

Pre-Sunrise seen from Tresse at Strandpromenaden in Kristiansand

EXIF: November 12, 2017, Time 8:48, Shutter 2.5 sec, Aperturef / 22, Focal Length 24mm, ISO160,
Camera Canon 5D MIII, Lens Canon EF24-70mm F / 2.8

Gaypride in Town

During the year we have lived in the city center, we have also experienced that right hand extremists marched on the ground, but fortunately, we found that the city's population strongly supported "Gay pride" where I went for the first time in the parade . It was a great experience to go with people of all ages, youth who danced and song, people who stood on the sidewalks and sat in cafes waving and cheering. During the "Gay Pride", the city's cultural center, Kilden Theater and Concert Hall was lit in the colors of the rainbow flag. It was an event that a photo enthusiast could not pass.

Kilden Teather and Consert colored in the colors of rainbow during gayprice 2017

EXIF: August 23, 2017, Time 22:40, Shutter 1/5 sec, Aperture f / 2.8, Focal Length 24mm, ISO640,
Camera Canon 5D MIII, Lens Canon EF24-70mm f / 2.8L

Pink ribbon days

And, also during the "Pink Ribbon days", the Kilden Teather and Consert hall was enlightened in the occasion of the event, this time in pink.

EXIF: October 7th Time 1:25, shutter 30 sec, Aperture f / 4.8, focal length 24mm, ISO125,
Camera Canon 5D MIII, lens Canon EF24-70mm f / 2.8L

Musicians house

But, it's not only nature, city beaches and parks that have beautiful colors. During the year, street art has appeared in the cityscape. Here from the music house. We had oen days this fall, which had an incredibly beautiful light, and I thought here I should use the opportunity to get some pictures of these fun and not least inspiring decorations and works of art.

House of misicians, decorated by artistic colors and art

EXIF: 6th October Time 17:06, shutter 1/160 sec, Aperture f / 10, focal length 28mm, ISO160,
Camera Canon 5D MIII, lens Canon EF24-70mm f / 2.8