The erotic nature!

A piece of ice!

It is said that it depends on the eye that looks. I do not know what you see when you see the picture "A piece of Ice"? But, I see a naturally created ice-sculpture.

The picture has been taken on Førevann in Mykland, at the top of Froland municipality. Here I used my Sigma Macro lens and I regret unfortunately no longer how big this lump might have been. When using macro lens I get an enlargement effect, but I would estimate about 2 cm.

Part of being in all weather, summer and winter, lying on snow and ice makes one see and experience the natural and small creatures of nature. Sometimes sad and gloomy, other times mysterious and adventurous, or like here, just quite

Is what you see what you see? an ice sculpture is it just ice?

EXIF: February 24, 2010, Time 8:34, Shutter 1/400 sec, Aperture F / 3.2, Focal Length 70mm, ISO 100,
Camera Canon EOS 7D, Sigma Sigma 70mm 1: 2.8 DG MACRO

Vaginal Three

It may be something I've overlooked, something I do not have so much experience with, but somehow I'm looking back to the biology sessions of the youth school here in this picture and find something familar.

It is said that a picture says more than a thousand words, so I'll let the picture speak for itself and the rest to your dirty imagination!

EXIF: April 26, 2011, Time 18:11:36. Shuts 1/25 sec. Aperture f / 2.8. Focal length 300mm, ISO 100,
Camera Canon EOS 7D, Canon EF300mm lens f / 2.8L IS.

Love is in the three

It is spring in the air, it sprouts and grows. Two straight and youthful trees ready for a new summer, growth and not least fertilization. Here they stand by the path down to Randvika, Storesand and the beautiful areas at Fevik, in Grimstad municipality.

Two threes huging and kissing in the path to Storesand, Fevik.

EXIF: March 31, 2010, Time 6:10:57, Shutter 1/15 sec, Aperture F / 6.5, Focal Length, 15mm, ISO 100,
Camera Canon EOS 7D, Canon EF-S15-85mm f / 3, 5