Rome, long exposure photography, Victor Emanuel II monument, Piazza Venezia

EXIF: June 26, 2013. Time 21:30:19. Shuts 30.0 sec. Aperture f / 22. Focal length 24mm. ISO 100,
Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark III, lens Canon EF24-70mm f / 2.8L

Having a camera on leisure and job trips gives you many opportunities to collect memories, recreation and create. Here's my husband and I in Rome, standing here on Piazza Venezia, which is a big roundabout, as anyone who visits Rome somehow comes through on the way, either to, or from the airport or another attraction. The monument that stands above the grave of the unknown soldier is in honor of Victor Emanuel II, Italy's first king. His Majesty King Harald and Queen Sonja, too, were here and laid their wreaths on their last visit to Italy.

Walking around Rome and taking pictures, both day and evening, has so far been one of the greatest experiences I've had, and Rome is therefore a city I want to return to. And with almost 1,500 pictures in the luggage home, it gives an opportunity to create a separate page for Rome alone. The link will be posted here as I get it.

Museu Nacional, Barcelona, Spain

EXIF: September 10, 2015. Time 22:39:28. Shutter Speed13, o sec. Aperture f / 13. Focal length 24mm.
ISO 100, Camera Canon EOS 7D, lens Canon EF-S15-85mm f / 3.5

To return to Barcelona twenty years after I had first been here, now with photo interest was great and fun. We did not get as many days in the city itself as we had rented an apartment through the job, a couple of hours traveling north of the city center. So we got up four days to relax and enjoy some beach life before we allocated two nights to hotels in the city center. And here we celebrated our wedding anniversary, with a party dinner at the Center Comercial Arenas, and discovered the Plaza d'Espanya, Fontena Magica and Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya as the picture above shows.
Also, the images from Barcelona deserve a separate page, as it will link to here.


When I'm traveling, I'd like to experience the big sights, and since these are open during the day, it's interesting to see the inside, see art and architecture, climb to the top and so on. And I take many pictures from these, but in the evening when these are closed, it's time to play with light. This photo was taken on September 11, 2011, where in Paris this day was a major highlight of the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attack against the World Trade Center in New York, September 11, 2001. There were a lot of people out there , concerts in parks and at the Eiffel Tower.
On this trip, I may have taken the photos that I love most and as I want to create a separate page, as you can find by clicking this link.

To stand in the middle of a traffic jam on Av. des Champs-Élysées and know the cars almost snuggled through the pants and the camera stands vibrating the traffic that passes is very scaring, fun and exciting. It was on impulse when we crossed the street and when I see what picture I have the opportunity to get, so I can, despite some protests from my husband.

Taking a good picture requires preparation and some time to concentrate on what one is doing. Get set the correct camera settings and put the camera in the vater. When you have people who are behind you and traffic that gets legally fast, it's concentrating on a small challenge, but I thought the picture was pretty good, despite lack of time and concentration.

Arc de Triomphe, Paris,

EXIF: September 11, 2011. Time 22:49:43. Shutter 15 sec. Aperture f / 10. Focal length 15mm,
ISO 100, Camera Canon EOS 7D, Canon EF-S15-85mm f / 3.5 lens

EXIF: May 13, 2014. Time 00:07:07. Shutter15.0 sec. Aperture f / 18. Focal length 27mm. ISO 100,
Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark III, lens Canon EF24-70mm f / 2.8L


Amsterdam is a diverse city where motifs only appear around every corner corner. Like most people visiting Amsterdam, we also had to visit "The Red Light District" to view. Something I can say a lot about, but limit me to post a picture of this church which lies in the midst of sin. The Netherlands is known for its liberal attitude to hash and marijuana, prostitution and porn that flood here in this part of the city. Nice then to see a church building, beautifully lit, mirroring in the canal.
The city's diverse architecture, museums, castles, canals and parks made me from this trip home with a bunch of pictures, which you will find by following this link here.


The Kings city, Copenhagen, perhaps the most hospitable and cozy city in Scandinavia. For a photographer like me there are a lot of motives to play with, and as you can see, it's not just kids that have fun in Tivoli. Everything in motion, light, water, sculptures, installations or like carousels is fun to play with light. For us Norwegians, Denmark and Copenhagen are close, perhaps so close that we forget a little about this country and especially the city's greatness. There are a variety of attractions, experiences and architecture. Opera House, Castle, Town Hall, Parks, Zoo and like Tivoli.
I will also post pictures from our trip to Copenhagen and other beautiful pictures from our neighboring country in southern Denmark.

Tivoli, Copenhagen, Denmark

EXIF: April 23, 2011. Time 20:16:22. Shutter Speed10.0 sec. Aperture f / 10. Focal length 15mm.
ISO 100, Camera Canon EOS 7D, Objective EF-S15-85mm f / 3.5

Pierre Loti Istanbul, Turky

EXIF: November 13, 2011. Time 10:58:53. Shutter Speed 1/80 sec. Aperture f / 14. Focal length 15mm.
ISO 100, Camera Canon EOS 7D, Objective EF-S15-85mm f / 3.5


Of all the cities I have visited, Istanbul surpasses everything I have seen. It's an extreme big city, a metropolis of dimensions. One can drive for hours on highways to from one end to the other. There are high blocks in tens of thousands. It is a modern city, but and a city with a long history taken care of, museums, museums, castles, bridges, bath houses, streets and towers. The place I'm here, Pierre Loti is a hill surrounded by a graveyard.
The place is named after the French adventurer, the author and the soldier, Pierre Loti
Istanbul is so full of sights and experiences. Just walking along the main road Siraselviler from Taksim Gezi Park, exploring side streets with a varied trade life, shops, cafes, bazaars, restaurants and barbers and hairdressers. A bustling people's life and atmosphere. Amazingly exciting, inspiring and interesting.
Also from my visit to Istanbul I had a lot of pictures, which I will eventually post here.

EXIF: September 7, 2010. Time 8:49:09. Shutter speed 1/100 sec. Aperture f / 22.
Focal length 15mm. ISO 100, Camera Canon 7D, Objective EF-S15-85mm f / 3.5
Hong Kong

Asia's financial and trading center, Hong Kong. A city that takes the breath away from one when walking a street. Skyscrapers everywhere, just a little glimpse of the sky in what you cross a street, or climb a staircase or climb into one of the city's not too many parks. Equally a city packed with exciting motifs, attractions and a city where one can move through an incredibly efficient subway system.
We had some very exciting days here, much thanks to a great hotel, a breakfast room that I have never seen before or after. Trip to Disneyland, The Peak, experience "Symphony of lights" and not least shopping of clothes and photo equipment.
And, from here too, I had several thousand pictures, which I will eventually post here.

Metro Manila

Let me first stress that this picture was taken in 2006, more than ten years ago. Much has changed since then. The picture taken on the top floor of the Baywatch Tower, where I lived for two periods from 2005 to 2007. And, as you can see from the exposure information below, this picture is taken with a small compact camera. That is, it was taken before my glowing interest in photography woke up in 2007.
Life in the Philippines where I lived for a total of three years, I will devote some attention around, maybe creating a separate page eventually.

However, please feel free to see my galleries of pictures from the Philippines.

Skyline, Metro Manila, Seen from Baywatch Tower, Malate

EXIF: January 8, 2006. Time 10:32:40. Shutter Speed 1/120 sec. Aperture f / 4.0.
Focal length 17.4mm. ISO 200, Camera FUJIFILM, FinePix M603