The dog

Picture of the Bishon Frisé Royal Aso

When we had decided to buy us a dog, the idea was that we would have a sofa dog, as a company for my husband when I was on my photo safaries.

Other criteria were that it should not loose hairs and be a dog show that had a friendly look, be of the cheerful battle and a dog that people not got afraid of when we meet people on the street. We got to know the breed Bichon Frisé since my little brother and family had acquired such breede. And it was especially his very cheerful attitude that attracted us to the breed.

Royal Aso, called "Aso" daily, did we got in April 2012 and we soon became very excited about the breed, but not least, very fond of this little charmor.

image of the Bishon Frisé, Royal Aso at Kristiansand Dog Park

With a new family member, there were and big changes in the life of us two adults. Training to become clean, socialization and exercised. Everything went well and we spent a lot of time with other dog owners and dogs. Thus we gained a social benefit from it, but also a very safe, stable and mentally strong dog. And, not least, a dog that plays well with other dogs we meet in both in town and in the forest.

Aso as happy dog in Kristiansand dog park, Tveit

Through extensive socialization with all types of dogs, Aso meet dogs we meet friendly, carefully and humbly. A big part of the credit for his safety in the face of particularly large dogs may be added that he grew up with the well trained and socialized adult German Schæfer, Shana, in Trolldalen at Fevik. For some strange reason, Aso got to play and hang on with her as he wanted from the first day they met. And, she also received a cheerful move over her every time they met.

That dogs are social and need contact with other dogs, we had a special experience of when we moved from Fevik to Kristiansand. The first weeks we stayed here we were busy installing us and clearing up. The tours might be a bit shorter than usual and we did not meet so many other dogs when we were out on a trip. We saw that Aso became sad, perhaps depressed. But fortunately, one day when we walked around Trollstien, we first met two adult dogs, a labrador and a streetmix. It was fun and Aso played easily with them. But, then, a little later on this trip, we meet with the eight-year-old German Schæfer, Dennis. Perhaps the biggest Schæfer I have seen. A wise and well-behaved dog. And, Aso was very excited and played with him for a long time. And with one his sadness was gone, his glitter was back. Here in a meeting with Selma, Easter 2015, on Moltestien, Kristiansand.  Look at his smile!

Our dog Aso meet the boxer Selma and play lovely

Initially, I mentioned that one of the requirements that we set for the breede to have a dog was to have a dog that did not loose hair. And, it does not a Bichon Frisé. There is very little hair that falls off it and no cleaning is required beyond normal for a household. However, the coat requires cutting at a minimum four times a year. So, here was a new skill had to be learned; dog cutting. Due to my good name and reputation and not to be accused of animal abuse, I choose not to post pictures of Aso after the first few times that I cut him. Eventually my skills have improved and he is getting so nice when I cut him. But, it's a fight every time, for neither will he bath and he really hate the hairdryer.

He might have thought of it before he throws himself into play with fellow Charlie:

The two Bishon Frisé Aso and Charlie play in the wet ground

He we bought to be a company dog soon turned out to be a wilderness son. He loves to be out, and to be with me on a photo safari. Maybe it was our morning trips in Ruaker at Fevik, which gave him the pleasure:

Aso during photowalk at Ruager, dressed as a bishop

And, we have had a lot of funny and wonderful moments together. First and foremost because we both enjoy ourselves outdoors. Through that we have had a closeness and confidence that has given a lot of fun and cosiness. He loves to walk around alone to explore all smells and sounds, at the same time he likes to know where I am and if the wind gets too strong, he seeks behind my back. Or seek to a shelter with me, like here at Lindesnes Lighthouse, autumn 2015:

Aso hide for the wind at Lindesnes Lighthouse

But, it's not free for me to get a little annoyed, especially when I've put the camera on long exposure and he finds something exciting right in front of the camera. Like here at Hasseltangen, where I was pretty busted at him. But when I got home and saw the picture on a larger screen, I see that it's just him who creates life in the picture. Another picture we have magnified in 150x100cm on an aluminum plate and hung up on the wall here at home.

The dog Aso, watching the sunrise at Hasseltangen, Fevik, Norway

It is said that a dog becomes as its owner. We have a very nice dog, patient, almost silent, a little lazy and very fond of food. He enjoys social teams, but does not play with anyone, and likes to go for a walk, but is following his own pace. And, a dog with many regular routines, which must only be observed, day by day. Perhaps not so unlike his "fathers"!

My dog Aso during a winter hiking to the uposite boat, Bymarka, Kristiansand