Many who bought a SLR, find it difficult to get into the different functions, closing times, ISO, blender, etc. Often they end up "driving green", ie everything in the automatic settings.

It's a little stupid, because it's not that hard. I have therefore created a beginner course, "Foto for hvermannen", which I have received many positive feedback on. I have held the course the time I had my gallery at Fevik, but also under the direction of Arendal Fotoklubb and at Salterød Youth School.

Shaddow of the bike parked at Fevikkilen, gives an perspective of what to see
The course runs over 3 nights, alternatively two evenings and an afternoon trip (PhotoWalk).

First evening (3-4 hours):
Introduction to general camera understanding
camera Features
Light and composition
Use of colors

Second evening / alternative afternoon (PhotoWalk)
Built on the principle, "learning by doing". We go with camera and take pictures and learn from each other.

Third night (3-4 hours):
Basic introduction to using Adobe Lightroom photo editing.
Evaluation of the photos from the trip, image criticism.
The course can be adapted to different groups, numbers and occasions. However, if the individual participant on the course gets the greatest benefit, it is an advantage that the group is no greater than six.

For a group of six people, the price is NOK 3,900, - for the group, or NOK 650, - per person. Larger groups? Request a quote.

Requirements for participants:
Must have a Canon or Nikon SLR camera (other brands may be accepted, but course holders have some limitations in being able to guide in using these).
Laptop where at least the trial version of Adobe Lightroom is downloaded.

Some other benefits:
Stand to camera to learn long exposure and night photography.

The goal of the course is to teach you the basic principles of using the SLR camera and the features. In addition, basic image composition and creative photography and creative play with camera.

The course is particularly suitable for adults, but as mentioned above, it is also used for school classes, but can be adapted to leisure clubs, associations and teams. Companies can also use this as an offer to employees, either as a pure social happening without alcohol, or as professional training for employees in different functions.