Welcome to my website!

Here I hope you will find inspiration, advice and tips, but maybe another picture that will fit your wall.

My enthusiasm for photography started back in 2008, when I and my husband started the Dream Island Web company on Boracay, Philippines. This island is perhaps the Philippines's largest tourist attraction, with a 4.5 km long beach where hotels and restaurants are like beads on a string. At that time, getting a website was very expensive and most hotels were based on commissioners who fished the visitors at the airport or by port, or by advertising and flyers. For us, it was great to be able to offer simple and affordable websites, as well as graphic design of brochures, menus and interior.

When we saw how our competitors worked, we saw that providing high quality photos could be a strategy to win customers. That's why we went to Manila and bought our first camera, the Canon 400D with wide-angle lens and 200mm lens in addition to the standard lens. And, began to teach the SLR's secrets and possibilities.

It turned out that this was a wise strategy because we immediately got many websites to build and they received a lot of positive attention. And, after a while we got in contact with an investor from Manila, as well as chairman of the Tagaytay Hotel and Restaurant Association. He invited me to Tagaytay to hold talks about what a website could mean for the industry. It must have been a brilliant lecture, because I sold five websites this morning and was asked for that same afternoon to return to Bag of Beans Bakery & Restaurant, where the conference was held to take pictures for their website.

It was a long time and I ran out of batteries for flash and it also began to strugle with the capacity of the batteries on the camera. At the same time, we approached the sunset so the light from the sun shone through the ancient glass windows at the heart of the restaurant. And that's when I was going to photograph the restaurant's famous "Strawberry Cheesecake" that I literally saw the light.

Later, I have learned that this is precisely because of the use of natural light, through old or dirty window glass gives a nice soft effect in the light.

A picture, a moment, the most decisive second for my further way of life, dedication and the use of time and money.
Later, I have learned a lot about photography, camera, lenses and development and have had a lot of fun and received a lot of inspiration through this art. But, too, have met many nice people, got inspiration, but the greatest may be that I know that my pictures have meant a lot to individuals.